The Blue of Distance

Format: Hard Cover; 35 pages
Published: 2015, Singapore, First Edition
Price: SG$40 (Signed)

The Blue of Distance is an exhibition catalogue featuring the paintings by Singaporean artist Wyn-Lyn TAN for her exhibition in 2015 with the same title.

Borrowing its title from writer and historian Rebecca Solnit, The Blue of Distance invites a meditation on how we often find ourselves in the unknown - both metaphorically and physically. In painting, the colour blue has often been used as a symbolic demarcation of distance, where painters create illusion of depth by depicting distant objects to be bluer than nearer objects. Blue is also a metaphor of longing and absence, and as Solnit says, "Blue is the colour of longing for the distances you never arrive in."

Over the last few years, Tan has journeyed remote, natural landscapes in the Northern Hemisphere on various artist residencies, in a desire to chase the ephemeral. Tan shares the sentiments of artist Chen KeZhan in an interview with Singapore art historian, curator and critic TK Sabapathy, where he once said: "When I paint, I'm not really in Singapore. I'm painting with the world in me, the feeling of everywhere I've been and seen, that inspires me."

The Blue of Distance, on one level, pays homage to these landscapes that Tan had experiences, as she gives breadth to vistas of memories, light, colour and atmosphere. Moving beyond the 'landscape', Tan's engagement with mark-making has become a key subject in expressing her growing interest in the materiality of her practice.

Catalogue Essay by Dr. Charles Merewether.